Christafari - Reggae Sunday School

01. The Reggae ABC's (feat. Red Cloud and Richie Righteous)
02. Higher Higher (feat. 'Imisi and Avion Blackman)
03. Meet The Teachers (Interlude)
04. Reggae Sunday School
05. 1st John 4:7-8 (Interlude)
06. Beloved (feat. Jaibo Culture and Avion Blackman)
07. Dreadlocked Samson
08. Name That Animal (Interlude)
09. Name The Animals
10. Crisis Of Identification (Interlude)
11. New Movement
12. Not As Sweet (Interlude)
13. My Lord Is Sweet
14. Zaccheus (feat. Monty G and Ace Winn)
15. Meet Patchouli (Interlude)
16. Jesus Loves The Little Children (feat. 'Imisi)
17. Jonah (feat. 'Imisi)
18. Run To God (Interlude)
19. Come Into My Heart (feat. Jason Joseph)
20. Give Thanks (Interlude)
21. Be Glorified (feat. Avion Blackman, Solomon Jabby, and Rebecca Evans)
22. What A Friend We Have In Jesus (feat. 'Imisi, Solomon Jabby, Ace Winn)
23. Good Bye! (Interlude)

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